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文章来源:句解霸 | 更新日期:2023-11-14

1. 由there, here, now, then 引导的倒装句

* There comes our bus. 我们的巴士来了。
* Here is your letter. 你的信。
* Here he comes. 他来了。
* Here comes the train. 火车来了。
* Now comes your turn. 现在轮到你了。
* Then came the chairman. 这时总裁来了。

2. 由so , neither, nor, no more 引导的倒装句。
* She is a bit nervous, (and) so am I. 她有点紧张,我也是。
* He can't speak German, neither can I. 他不会说德语,我也不会。
* He had no friends, nor did he make any. 他没有朋友,他也不交朋友。
* You haven't finished reading it, no more have I. 你没看完,我也一样(没看完)。

3. 状语从句中的倒装
1) 让步状语从句中的倒装
a) as/though 引导的让步状语从句常使用倒装。
* Try as you will, you won't be able to succeed. 尽管你愿意试试,但不会成功。
* Search as they would, they could find nothing in the room. 尽管他们在房间里到处寻找, 却什么也没找到。
* Successful as he is, he is not proud. 他虽然成功,但不骄傲。
* Beautiful though the necklace was,we thought it was over-priced. 那条项链虽然很漂亮,我们认为价钱太高。
* Child as he is, he knows to help others. 他虽是个孩子,但却知道帮助别人。
* King as he was, he was unhappy. 他虽是国王,但他并不幸福。
* Much as I like Paris, I couldn't live there. 尽管我喜欢巴黎,但我不能住在那里。
* Hard though they tried, they couldn't make her change her mind. 尽管他们做了很大努力,却没法让她改变主意。

b) 其他一些让步状语从句倒装的情况。
* Be he friend or enemy, the law regards him as a criminal. 不管他是朋友还是敌人, 法律都认为他是个罪犯.
* Come what may, I will go there. 不管发生什么情况,我都要去。
* Say what you will, I won't listen to you. 不管你说什么, 我都不会听你的.
* However long you argue you will never convince her. 不管争辩多久你都不能说服她。
* However cold it is, he always goes swimming. 不管天气多冷他都去游泳。

* Had it not been for his help, we couldn't have overcome the difficulties. 如果不是他帮忙的话,我们就不能克服困难。
* Should you see him, please give him my regards. 如果你见到他,请代我向他问好。
* Were it cheaper, I should buy it. 要是它便宜些,我就会买。

4. 由副词或状语引导的倒装句
1) 否定副词引导的倒装句。
* Seldom do I go to work by bus. 我很少乘公共汽车上班。
* Never have I seen such a performance before. 我以前从未见过如此糟糕的表演。
* Nowhere will you find the answer to this question. 无论如何你不会找到这个问题的答案的。
* Rarely does the temperature go above ninety here. 这里的温度很少达到九十度。

2) 其他副词或状语引导的倒装句
* Often did we encourage them to go on. 我们曾经常鼓励他们干下去。
* Gladly would I pay more if I would get better service. 如果能得到更好的服务,我很乐意多付些钱。
* Many a time has Mary given me good advice. 玛丽曾多次给我提出好的建议
* So and so only can it be done. 此事只能这样做.

3) 一些表示方向或处所的副词
为了描述的生动性,有些表示方向或处所的副词(如:down, up, out, in, off, on, away等)可以移到句首。
* Ahead sat an old woman. 前面坐着一个老妪。
* Up went the rocket into the air. 嗖地一声火箭就飞上天了。
* Out rushed a missile from under the bomber. 轰炸机肚底下窜出一枚导弹。
* Away flew the birds. 鸟儿飞走了。
* Away they went. 他们走开了。
* Out went the children. 孩子们出去了。
* Down came the rain. 下起大雨来了。

5. 由介词短语引导的倒装句
1) 一些表示否定意义的介词短语
* At no time shall a student cheat at his exam. 学生任何时候都不允许考试作弊。
* On no account should you leave tonight. 你今晚绝不能离开。
* By no means is he considered to be a great explorer. 他决不该被认为是一名伟大的探险家。

2) 作表语的介词短语前移
* Behind the farmhouse was a rice field. 农舍后面是一片稻田。
* Inside the pyramids are the rooms for the bodies of kings and queens. 金字塔里面是国王和王后们的墓穴。
* Among its products are farm machines and mining equipment. 它的产品中有农业机械和采矿设备

* On the ground lay some air conditioners. 地上放着一些空调。
* At the foot of the hill lies a beautiful lake. 小山脚下有一个美丽的小湖。

6. 进行时态中的分词提前倒装
* Hanging on the wall was a splendid painting. 墙上挂着一幅精美的图画。
* Lying on the floor was a boy aged about seventeen. 躺在地板上的是一个约十七岁的男孩.

7. 过去分词作表语提前倒装
* Seated on the ground are a group of students. 坐在地上的是一群学生。
* Hidden under the sea is a wealth of oil. 海底蕴藏着大量石油。

8. only 引导的倒装句
1) only 修饰副词
* Only then did I realize the importance of English. 只在那时我才意识到英语的重要性。
* Only once were we able to visit him. 我们只有一次能访问了他。

2) only 修饰介词短语
* Only after several hours' discussion did they reach a decision. 只是在经过几个小时的讨论后,*他们才作出了一个决定。
* Only in this way can you solve this problem. 只有用这种方法,你才可以解决这个问题。 ]

3)only 修饰状语从句
* Only if these conditions are fulfilled can the application proceed to the next stage. 只有满足了这些条件,申请才能去到下一步。
* Only after he had spoken out the word did he realize he had made a big mistake. 只有当他已经说出那个字后才意识到自己犯了个大错误。

9. not only 引导的倒装句
* Not only had the poor man been fined, but also he had been sent to prison. 这个可怜的人不仅被罚款,而且还被送进了监狱。
* Not only did he refuse the gift, he also severely criticized the sender. 他没有收下礼物,还狠狠批评了送礼的人。
* Not only do men want to land on the moon, but on other planets as well. 人类不仅要登月球, 而且还要到别的星球上去.

10. not until 引导的倒装句
* Not until the child fell asleep did the mother leave the room. 母亲一直到孩子入睡后才离开房间。
* Not until yesterday did I learn anything about it. 直到昨天我才对这件事有所了解.
* Not until after the war did he return home. 直到战争结束,他才回家。

11. not 引导的倒装句
* Not a word did he say at the meeting. 会上他一句话也没说。
* Not once has he failed to fulfill his tasks. 他没有一次不完成任务的.
* Not for one minute do I think I have any hope of getting promoted. 我一点也没有想到我有提升的希望.
* Not since the death of my mother had I heard him laugh so heartily. 自从母亲去世以来我从未听到过他这样开心大笑过.12. such引导的倒装句
* Such is human nature. 这是人的本性。
* Such was the force of explosion. 这就是爆炸的威力。
* Such was Albert Einstein,a simple man of great achievements. 这就是阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦, 一个简单而有伟大成就的人。
* Such would be our home in the future. 我们将来的家就是这个样子。

13. so…that 和 such…that 结构中的倒装
* So fast does light travel that it is difficult for us to imagine its speed. 光传播得如此快, 我们难以想像其速度.
* So tired was he after a whole day's hard work that he could hardly stand. 经过一整天的辛苦劳动,他累得几乎站不住了。
* So unreasonable was his price that everybody startled. 他的要价太离谱,令每个人都瞠目结舌。
* Such a nice man did he seem that we all believe him. 他看起来是这么好的人, 我们都相信他的话。

14. hardly/scarcely/barely…when, no sooner…than结构中的倒装
* Hardly had she gone out when a student came to visit her. 她刚出门,就有个学生来访。
* Scarcely had they settled themselves in their seats in the theatre when the curtain went up. 他们刚坐好戏院的幕帘就升起。
* No sooner had I got home than it began to rain. 我刚到家就下起了雨。

15. 直接引语的一部分或全部放在句首时
* “Make sure all things have been well settled,” said Ellen. “要确保所有的都已安置好,”埃伦说。
* “Usually,” said Peter, “we go to school by bus.” “通常,” 彼得说,“我们坐巴士去上学”。

16. 一些表示祝愿的句子
* May you have a happy life! 祝你生活快乐。
* May you succeed! 祝你成功!
* May there never be another world war. 愿永远不再有世界大战.
* Long live the friendship! 友谊地久天长!
* May God bless you! 愿上帝保佑你!

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